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Insulated outdoor/indoor Pet shelter.  This Pet Shelter is made of warm, durable expanded polystyrene encapsulated with a hi-tech hard-coating that makes it strong, weatherproof, durable, and easy to clean!  Your pet will love this perfectly sized hideaway!  

You've found it!  The ideal insulated outdoor/indoor pet shelter!

Lightweight, so you won't need a moving company to move it around, and yet very durable and sturdy!  Your pet will love this perfectly sized hideaway!  Designed for  pets of various sizes and shapes.

  Suggestion: take a tape measure and measure your buddy lying down.  This will give you an idea of how much room may needed to be comfortable.  Remember, animals like to feel cozy and secure in their shelter, like it's their very own little safe, secure space!  Too roomy may not be best!

All our shelters are available in ready-to-use or ready-to-paint basic black, or black roof tan sides.  Our shelters paint very easily using a good quality exterior acrylic paint.  Customize your pet's shelter to reflect their unique personality, or match your house


Free Shipping on our 3 largest Dog houses for the Edmonton area!

Please send us an email inquiry if you are outside the Edmonton area and we will get you covered!


Available Options:


  • Kitty-Kozy Black Roof-Tan Sides
  • Kitty-Kozy - Basic Black
  • Major Mutt - Basic Black
  • Major Mutt - Black Roof-Tan Sides
  • Shepherd Chalet - Basic Black
  • Shepherd Chalet - Black Roof - Tan Sides
  • Collie Cottage - Basic Black
  • Collie Cottage - Black Roof - Tan Sides
  • Puppy palace - Basic Black
  • Puppy Palace - Black Roof - Tan Sides

 2" thick walls will keep your pets warm in winter, cool in the summer!



Interior Dimensions 8"w x 12"l x 11.5"h.  Exterior dimensions 12"w x 18"l x 12.5" h.


Interior Dimensions 14" w x 24" l x 18.5" h.  Exterior dimensions 18" w x 28" l x 20.5" h


Interior Dimensions 20"w  x  24"l  x  23"  Exterior Dimensions  24" w  x  28"l  x  25"h


 Interior Dimensions  26"w  x  34"l x 27.5"h   Exterior Dimensions  30"w x 38"l  x 29.5"h


Interior Dimensions  28"w x 38"l  x 29.5"h  Exterior Dimensions  32"w  x 42"l x 31.5"h


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