Adventure Tourer Vario 210-240 cm

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Adventure Tourer Vario

This model has a shorter, medium-sized paddle shape for higher, more powerful paddle strokes for expedition or coastal play paddlers. The adjustable shaft allows for maximum flexibility in adjustability on the blade angle and length from 210 -240cm.

Colour: Red

Style: Touring Paddle


  • Variable length 210-240cm for maximum flexibility
  • Stepless variable blade angle
  • Durable aluminium shaft
  • Ultra-durable, glass-reinforced blades
  • Mid-sized, high-angle paddle design fit the widest range of paddlers
  • Dihedral blade shape allows for smooth and stable forward paddling

Facts & Measurements:

Weight:              1130g/2.5 lbs
Adjustable Length:       210-240cm/82-94.5 inch
Material:            Aluminum shaft, glass-reinforced nylon blades

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