Modular Kayak Systems and Accessories

Getting outside has never been easier!  Finally a full size kayak you can store under your bed and transport in your trunk!

What is a modular kayak?  It's a true kayak that comes in two or three parts (modules) cleverly designed to snap together to form an amazingly lightweight yet sturdy single, two-man, or even three man kayak!  When you're done, unsnap the parts and take them home in the trunk of your car!

Sit-in Kayaks, Sit-on-top Kayaks, and Angler Kayaks! PLUS all the accessories you will need for your outdoor adventures!

We are very pleased to officially be the exclusive distributors of POINT 65 Sweden's Modular Kayaks and Accessories in Canada!

Shop our range of modular kayaks. Assembly, storage & transport are a breeze with our range of modular kayaks. Choose from one of our much-loved models such as the Martini or Mercury for sit-in, and Tequila! for sit-on-top and Angler. Performance meets portability - Point 65 modular kayaks are easy to own & fantastic out on the water!